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Backgammon Rules

Backgammon is a popular game that is enjoyed by one and all. If you wish to win this game, you need to follow certain backgammon rules. Many a time, you may visit an online casino site to play backgammon, only to realize that the backgammon rules are different. There are certain backgammon rules that are optional, and it is always good to know the different rules.

The first optional backgammon rules are called as beavers. This rule tells a player that he can redouble as well as get back the dice, when the double offer is made by the opponent of the player. This backgammon rule is used by the opponents when he thinks that the opposite player has ma de a wrong bet, Beavers can be used only in single games. This optional backgammon rules is not used in tournaments.

The Crawford rule is one of the backgammon rules which is used during the match play. This rule is used to avoid the situation in which a player is very close to finish life and only two points away from victory. The opponent is just one point away from victory and he immediately redoubles his bet. this rule preserves the advantage that a player may have got due to winning a number of matches as compared to his opponent.

The Jacoby rule says that a game that has already been finished, may make a payouts for double or triple stakes, only if the double dice has been used in the game once. This rule is intended to speed up the fame and it is not used in match play, only in money play.

So backgammon is an interesting game and you should really playit. If you know the backgammon rules well, you can easily win the game. So master the compulsory as well as the optional rules now.